'Chopper' Chi looks forward to GLORY 39 showdown with Hesdy Gerges

'Chopper' Chi looks forward to GLORY 39 showdown with Hesdy Gerges

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

British heavyweight 'Chopper' Chi Lewis-Parry is “looking forward” to facing Hesdy Gerges at GLORY 39 BRUSSELS, having spent his early years as an aspiring kickboxer watching the Amsterdam-based fighter closely.

But he will be far from starstruck when he gets in the ring with him on Saturday, March 25 at the Vorst Nationaal Arena. 'Chopper' is expecting an action-packed fight, but one which he emerges as the victor of.

“It's an interesting fight for me because I have been watching Hesdy for years, from way before I started fighting. So I've seen a lot of him and I know his style and I am confident I can have him walking on to that big right hand again and again,” he says.

“It's an exciting fight for me, my biggest name so far. He's got a good good name, good wins on his record. It's an extra spark. When you're excited about a fight you will do those extra little things in training because you're electrified about it.

“It's not like when you're preparing to fight some guy who is basically just a potato with arms and legs to you. I am looking forward to standing across the ring from him.”

Lewis-Parry is originally from London, England but since 2015 has been associated with the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California, where he spent most of last year as a training partner for the likes of Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier.

At present however he is in Edinburgh, Scotland, taking a little rest and relaxation before he gears up for war with Gerges. “I have spiritual calm up here in Scotland, a sense of clarity,” he says. “And I'm fighting fit. I'm running up mountains, sparring with the Loch Ness Monster!”

GLORY 39 BRUSSELS takes place Saturday, March 25 at the Vorst Nationaal Arena in Brussels, Belgium. Lewis-Parry and Gerges occupy a spot on the Superfight Series section of the card, which is headlined by a lightweight title fight between defending champion Sittichai and challenger Dylan Salvador.

The second card of the evening is headlined by welterweight champion Cedric Doumbé taking on long-time rival Yoann Kongolo. In the co-main event, Belgian-Moroccan heavyweight Jamal Ben-Saddik throws down with Dutch counterpart Jahfar Wilnis.