Guto Inocente wins Knockout of the Year 2016

Guto Inocente wins Knockout of the Year 2016

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

Guto Inocente has four wins from four fights in GLORY and with each win has climbed the rankings and moved closer to the title shot he so badly wants.

Inocente's journey started at GLORY 27 CHICAGO in February last year. His GLORY debut could not have gone better, nor could it have ended in more spectacular fashion.

A master kicker with, originally, a base in karate, Inocente has a huge arsenal of unusual and rarely-seen kicks. Demoreo Dennis found this out the hard way when Inocente set him up for a spinning hook kick just 40 seconds into the first round of their fight.

Dennis didn't know what hit him. As Inocente moved into his spin, Dennis misread it as a low kick attempt and raised his left shin in defense. But the real attack was aimed at his head and he left himself wide open for Inocente's right heel, rotating with all of Inocente's bodyweight behind it.

The fight was over immediately. Dennis fell full-length to the canvas, separated from consciousness. The referee began a count but it was a mere formality, there was no way Dennis would be regaining his feet and getting back into the fight.

Since then Inocente has won three more fights in GLORY – the most recent being in January - and now finds himself at #7 in the heavyweight rankings and potentially just one win away from being in the title shot conversation.

Inocente's next fight takes place later this month. He faces Jamal Ben Saddik at GLORY 39 BRUSSELS on Saturday, March 25 at the Vorst National Arena in Brussels, Belgium.