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31 Best Gifts That'll Make Your Favorite Beer Lover So Hoppy

Cheers to that!

gifts for beer lovers
Alexandra Folino

You can probably spot a beer lover from a mile away: It's that person who's always coming to the party with a 6-pack. Or the one who insists it isn't game day without a cold one in hand. Or the one who spends *way* too much time deciding which beer on tap to order at a restaurant. Oh, and that friend who would drive miles out of the way to check out that new craft brewery.

This season, celebrate them with a present they'll actually love. These gift ideas are thoughtful, unique, and cooler than anything else they've ever gotten while still being totally in line with their beer obsession. Who said you can't turn your favorite drink into a hobby? With gifts like a DIY brew kit, customizable coasters, and a book to read about ways to use beer that don't include straight up chugging it, this list will help the recipient turn their love for beer into a lifestyle. The shower beer holders and cap collecting shadow boxes will also help to upgrade their home decor too because, well, obviously!

Don't forget to check out these gifts for wine lovers and coffee fans too if you have someone else on your holiday shopping list that is more into pinot or Frappuccinos than an iced cold IPA. We've got them covered too, no worries. Now it's just up to you to get shopping. Don't worry, be hoppy.

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1 Colster Can Insulator

Ditch those flimsy can koozies and opt for this one by YETI that's guaranteed to keep your brew cold for hours.

2 Custom Pet Beer Glass

If the only thing they love more than beer is their pet, this is the gift for them. 

3 The Craft Beer Cookbook
Adams Media

There's more you can do with beer than just drink it, and this book will show you just how to.

4 Custom Travel Coaster
Uncommon Goods

They're going to need to place their beer somewhere—make it on a coaster that reminds them of their travels!

5 Drink Cup Holder

Attach this cup holder to pretty much any tabletop or surface to have a convenient spot to stash your drink. Wine, beer, soda, seltzer...whatever your drink of choice may be, this heavy-duty holder will keep it safe.

6 Shower Drink Holder
30 Watt

If you're gonna have a shower beer, you better do it in the coolest way possible.

7 Beers Of The World Gift Pack

The ultimate set for beer connoisseurs: a dozen brews from 11 different countries, plus snacks. 

8 Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

With these cool wall decorations, there's no more scrambling to find an opener.

9 Personalized Beer Cap Shadow Box

Your favorite beer drinker can drop all their bottle caps in this receptacle that doubles as wall art.

10 Personalized Wood Beer Caddy

A little bit classier than cardboard, don't you think? Fill it with an assortment of one-off craft brews.

11 100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster
Gift Republic

Decor and a challenge all in one. Will you accept?

12 West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

See—beer is totally a legit hobby.

13 Beeropoly

The only board game anyone actually wants to play.

14 Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce

All beer, all the time. Even on your ribs. All three of these sauces are beer-infused.

15 Beer Cap Map of USA

Keep track of your beers in style.

16 Vintage Guinness Poster

Best gifted with a bottle (or six) of Guinness.

17 Mini Beer Pong Game
Studio Mercantile

College would have benefitted from this in a big way...but don't worry, it'll still get put to good use now.

18 Draft Beer Can Tin
beer caddy

There's no beer in here. Instead, you'll find shiny, beer-flavored Jelly Belly candies. A dream, no?

19 Custom Engraved Mug

Custom mugs = easiest way to keep track of where your beer is.

20 Beer of the Month Club

Send your pal a monthly set of craft brews: This club ships a 12-pack of four different types of micro-brewed beer once a month. 

21 Ultimate Homebrewer's Kit

If you know someone who really wants to make their own beer, this kit will get them all set up. Check out our list of best home brewing kits for more!

22 BevBuckle

This beer buckle, also known as the frattiest thing ever, holds your beer right on your belt. Equal parts ridiculous and genius.

23 Magnetic Bottle Opener With Magnetic Cap Catcher

After you open the bottle, the caps just slide down this gadget and catch on the magnetic surface.

24 Outdoor Beer Table

Not only does this outdoor table hold your beers and snacks, but it's also got a built-in bottle opener for everyone to use.

25 Reef Men's Fanning Flip Flop

You'd never guess it at first glance, but these surfer sandals have a bottle opener on the bottom.

26 Enamel Coffee Mug
Swag Brewery

Honesty's the best policy.

27 Hoppy IPA Soap
Swag Brewery

They probably smell like beer anyway, so let's make sure they do it with purpose. 

28 Novelty Glass
De La Mar
Now 11% off

I mean...facts.

29 LaetaFood Dad's Root Beer Barrels Hard Candy

A sweet treat that tastes like root beer.

30 Beer Chiller Stick

Keep your bottles just as cold as they were when you grabbed it from the fridge.

31 Portable Electric Ultrasonic Drink Frother

This attachment makes foam from bottled beer so it tastes just as it would from a keg.  

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