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The Tastiest Low-Calorie Ice Creams You Can Buy Right Now

They're VERY cool

low calorie ice cream

Low-calorie ice cream? We can't blame you for giving the category the side-eye. After all, can low-cal varieties really taste as good as the full-fat kind? Can their texture even come close? Despite lingering skepticism, there are a ton of low-cal ice cream competitors out there and it's hard to know which ones are worth stashing in your freezer—and which ones should be chucked straight in the trash. Never fear, we've rounded up the best of the best to save you from a disappointing scoop.

But first, you're probably wondering: How do brands achieve a rich ice cream flavor with fewer calories? According to Bicycling, many low-calorie ice creams use skim milk as the base. Some lean on yogurt to achieve a creamy texture, while others rely on milk proteins to pump up a product's overall protein content (the taste of which our bodies are programmed to love). Artificial sweeteners often step in for traditional sugars, providing sweetness sans calories. Traditional ice creams like Häagen-Dazs, on the other hand, rely more heavily on cream and refined sugar—which, shocker, tend to pile on the calories.

Still, just because low-calorie ice cream is, well, relatively low calorie doesn't mean you should be downing whole pints on the regular. As with everything, moderation is key! Here are some of our favorite low-cal ice creams that actually deliver in the flavor department.

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1 Yasso

Technically, this is frozen Greek yogurt, but it's so good that we don't care. The flavors are bold (who doesn't love chocolate chip cookie dough??), and the mix-ins are great. At 100 calories per bar, can we really ask for more? No!

BUY NOW Walmart stores

2 Halo Top

Halo Top is a favorite among dessert lovers for good reason: There are dozens of creative flavors to choose from, all clocking in at less than 400 calories per protein-packed pint. Pro tip: Leave containers out on the countertop to thaw slightly before digging in. You'll be rewarded with a rich flavor and creamy texture.

BUY NOW $6.29 per pint, Amazon

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3 Enlightened

Yet another contender in the higher-protein, lower-calorie market, Enlightened's ice cream has a creamy texture and delicious flavors, including our keto-friendly collaboration with the brand, P.B. Cookie & Brownie Dough. We may be biased, but this flavor is a winner, baby.

BUY NOW $56 for eight pints, Enlightened

4 Skinny Cow
Skinny Cow

This classic low-cal ice cream brand has tons of amazing products, but we're partial to these Oh La La chocolate truffle bars. Despite being covered in chocolate, they're still just 120 calories a bar. Chocolate cravings, you've met your match.

BUY NOW 6 bars for $6.69, Amazon

5 Arctic Zero

Ever since Arctic Zero announced a whole new product line back in 2018, it's been a huge contender in the low-cal ice cream game. We tried it and we were stunned. It's smooth, the flavors linger on the tongue, and a single serving clocks in at roughly 320 calories a pint. Plus, Arctic Zero has a whole line of non-dairy options.

BUY NOW $6.99 per pint, Ice Cream Source

6 Breyers Delights

When you're looking for a classic crowd-pleaser—without a bunch of mix-ins or other frills, just solid flavor and texture—this is it. Breyers Delights taste a lot like traditional pints, only they're lower-calorie and loaded with protein (about 20 grams per pint).

Walmart in stores

7 Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's

Varieties of Ben & Jerry's light ice cream shave about 100 calories off their regular counterparts, reducing fat by 60 to 70 percent without sacrificing the brand's famously rich flavor and thick, creamy textures.

BUY NOW $6.37 per pint, Instacart

8 Peekaboo
Peekaboo Ice CreamInstagram

These aren't the lowest calorie ice creams out there (they still pack about 600 calories a pint!), but they DO contain hidden veggies like carrots, spinach, and cauliflower. So it all evens out, maybe?

BUY NOW $60 for 8-pack sampler, or find a store near you selling it.

9 Favorite Day

If the comments on its Target product page are to be believe, people are seriously obsessed with this stuff. Favorite Day, which generally deliver around 380 calories per pint, come in flavors like chocolate peanut butter, mocha cold brew, and cookie cough. You'll definitely want to pick this up on your next Target run.

BUY NOW $3.69 per pint, Target

10 Cado Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Okay, so this technically isn't ice cream—but you'd never know it! Lower calorie but full of flavor, this non-dairy dessert is made with cold-pressed avocado. We're particularly enamored with the Deep Dark Chocolate offering, which is packed with creamy bittersweet chocolate.

BUY NOW $5.29 per pint, Target

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