GLORY Smacks Launch Announcement

Wednesday, Feb 15 2023

GLORY is excited to announce the launch of GLORY Smacks on December 15, 2021. The digital collectibles experience will give fans the opportunity to unpack and own the best moments in kickboxing history, ranging from the early days of K-1 to the modern era in GLORY. Fans and collectors will have an easy-to-use and meaningful way to engage with their favorite fighters and moments across decades of matches.

GLORY Smacks will include a primary and secondary marketplace based around video highlights and will allow collectors to unlock exclusive perks from the organization and its fighters. Fans will have the opportunity to own the sport’s most iconic highlights, ranging from Badr Hari’s spinning heel-kick KO over Stefan Leko to Bob Sapp upsetting Ernesto Hoost. The highlights will feature the most prominent kickboxers over the last 25 years, including Rico Verhoeven, Semmy Schilt, Israel Adesanya, and other fan favorite kickboxers from around the world.

Kickstart your collection by registering now at and receive a free GLORY Smacks Starter Pack including one NFT!